Accounting and Bookkeeping in Cyprus

Our team of highly qualified accountants in Cyprus can assist you in all Accounting and Bookkeeping Services.

McMillan Woods Cyprus makes sure to tailor its Accounting and Bookkeeping services to effectively meet clients’ requirements, as we appreciate that each client’s needs differ. We place great value in developing and maintaining solid, long-term relationships with every one of our clients to ensure suitable and efficient services.

Our team of highly qualified Cyprus accountants can assist you with the following:

Bookkeeping Of Company Transactions

Keeping records of day-to-day financial transactions such as sales, purchases, nominal ledgers and bank reconciliations which will help the client’s business organization while preparing financial reports. This is an important part of accounting and good business management as adequate bookkeeping will impact the validity of the financial reports created.

Annual Preparation Of Financial Statements And Financial Reports

The preparation of financial statements involves the process of collecting accounting information and records of all financial activities of a business. Relevant information is presented in a structured form and typically includes:

  • a balance sheet consisting of the company’s assets and liabilities
  • an income statement consisting of the company’s income and expenses
  • a cash flow statement illustrating how changes in balance sheet accounts and income affects cash and cash equivalents

Financial statements are usually accompanied by a discussion and an analysis of the findings, otherwise known as the Financial Report, which is key to the future planning of a business.

Budget Preparations And Company Evaluations

Budget preparation and reports which evaluate the actual performance of a company in relation to its budget.

Budget Preparation Reports Include:

  • a company’s incoming and outgoing cash flow
  • expenses and how a company spends its available funds
  • evaluation of how efficiently funds are managed and used to reach the goals of your business.

Internal Financial And Accounting Processes Recommendations

Our team of highly qualified professionals can assist any business with specialised recommendations on ways to improve accounting processes, which in turn will minimize errors and the need for future intervention in financial reporting.


Invoice management is an internal business function linked to procurement and is responsible for managing and processing invoice documents from vendors and suppliers. It manages and processes:

  • Invoices
  • Related documents from vendors
  • Suppliers and customers

The Process Usually Involves:

  • Receiving the invoice
  • Validating and verifying the invoice
  • Approving the payment
  • Correctly archiving the invoice for future reference

Invoice Management is crucial to the efficiency of a business which ensures prompt payments are made. This in turn, increases and creates a reliable and efficient cash flow.

Accounting And Bookkeeping FAQs

Maintain accounting records / bookkeeping procedure based on Cyprus Companies and Tax Law.

For at least 6 years


Yes, the accountant must have the license provided by ICPAC (the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus)


When your annual turnover exceeds 15.600 euros annually.


At the end of any month, if the value of taxable supplies during the one year period ending at that point, has exceeded 15.600 euros.

György Gyólai
György Gyólai
March 7, 2024
I have been in an excellent business relationship with Angelo and the team of McMillan Woods Cyprus for many years. They are among my most important partners. Angelo is the most experienced expert in establishing and managing Cypriot companies, as well as in Cypriot tax compliance matters. Angelo is reliable, fair, knowledgeable, and consistent, which I highly appreciate. As a corporate service provider, reliability and expertise are the most important factors for me. Clearly, I wouldn't want to work with any other Cypriot company service provider, only with Angelo and his team.
Maciej Oniszczuk
Maciej Oniszczuk
February 29, 2024
We cooperate for many years. I highly recommend Angelo and his team for their experience, expertise, and exceptional service.
Keane Gibbons
Keane Gibbons
January 18, 2024
January 17, 2024
Professional, helpful team with good availability and communication. I recommend them 10/10.
Bambos Demetriou
Bambos Demetriou
January 2, 2024
I highly recommend Angelo and his team for their experience, expertise, and exceptional service. They understood my financial circumstances and provided tailored advice to help me reach my goals. Their communication skills are excellent, and they are always available to answer questions. They prioritized my best interests and were confident in their abilities. I am grateful for their outstanding service.
Peter Ruggle
Peter Ruggle
December 30, 2023
excellent law firm; hihly experienced and very focused on the clients needs
December 29, 2023
I cannot praise McMillan Woods Cyprus enough for their exceptional professionalism, expertise, and customer service. From the start, their team showcased unparalleled knowledge in both legal and accounting matters. What sets the Company apart is their commitment to delivering not just service, but outstanding experiences. The team's attention to detail, prompt responses, and ability to simplify complex issues have consistently exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking top-notch legal and accounting services. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to excellence!
Firoo Cet
Firoo Cet
December 28, 2023
McMillan Woods was recommended to me by a friend, who worked also with them. It was the best decision i could have make. Everything went smooth and fast. They can assist you in nearly everything. Thank you!
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