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The Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Scheme allows nationals from non-EU and non-EEA countries to work remotely across the European Union. The EU describes the scheme as “teleworking for third-country nationals.”

In 2023 applicants obtain a Cyprus Digital Nomad visa by proving that they:

  • work remotely in the IT sector while residing in Cyprus;
  • work for an employer or clients from abroad;
  • have a monthly income of at least EUR 3,500 net;
  • have a suitable place to stay in Cyprus.

What is a Cyprus Digital Nomad visa?

Cyprus Digital Nomad visa is a scheme that applies to non-EU/EEA country nationals who work in Cyprus for an employer such as a company registered abroad, or for their clients located abroad. Therefore, the applicant can either be an employee or be self-employed.

The scheme provides a residence permit and aims to attract talented individuals and entrepreneurs who can work remotely and contribute to economic expansion using their technological skills. The work and effort of such individuals help to develop what the Ministry of the Interior calls “the business ecosystem” of the country.

Requirements for a Cyprus Digital Nomad visa

To qualify for a Digital Nomad Visa, the interested person shall satisfy the below necessary requirements:

  1. be able to prove that he/she has sufficient funds, in the form of fixed income, to cover his/her living expenses for the whole duration of his/her stay in Cyprus.

    Sufficient funds have been set to the amount of EUR 3.500 (Euro, three thousand five hundred) per month and shall be proved by the employment agreement or other relevant proof and a bank account. This said amount shall be increased by 20% (twenty per cent) if there is a spouse/civil partner and by 15% (fifteen per cent) for each child;

  2. shall have healthcare coverage (General Healthcare System – GHS); and

  3. shall have a clean criminal record by the country of his/her residence.

Incentive of the Scheme

Individuals that are granted a Digital Nomad residence permit will benefit from the following:

  1. Right of residence for a year in Cyprus, with a possibility of renewal for a further two years.

  2. Right of residency for family members, for the same period as the Digital Nomad, without the right to be employed or perform economic activity in Cyprus. In this case, the net income shall be increased by 20% for the spouse or partner and by 15% for each minor child.

  3. Free from tax charges until the 183rd day of stay. After this time, they are considered tax residents of Cyprus (if they are not tax residents elsewhere).

  4. After becoming a resident in Cyprus, will benefit from the Cyprus Tax incentives.

  5. Cyprus is one of the safest countries to live in the EU, with one of the lowest crime rates.

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