Government Annual Levy - Cyprus

Every Cyprus incorporated company is obliged to pay a yearly annual fee to the government; this is called the Annual Levy. The Annual Levy is €350 for every company and is payable from the year of the company’s inception. After the year of registration, the annual levy must be paid by the latest, 30th of June of each year. In the case of a group of companies the total amount payable is capped at €20.000.*

Late Payment Will Result In The Following Penalties:

  • 10% penalty when there is up to 2 months delay
  • 30% penalty when there is delay between 2 to 5 months
  • Non-payment of the annual levy to the Cyprus Registrar of companies will result in deregistration

This will not allow the company to submit documents or request any kind of certificates from the Registrar of companies.

In the cases where a company is re-instated within two years from the strike-off (deregistration) a fixed penalty of €500 is imposed in addition to the outstanding amount of Annual Levy. The penalty is increased to €750 in the cases where a company is re-instated after the two-year period.

The payment of the Annual Levy can be arranged online via the Department of Registrar of Companies.

as from February 21, 2024, the above has been abolished.

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