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Notice from the Department of Taxation regarding the submission of VAT Returns for the VAT period ending 31 August 2023 as well as for the income tax returns of individuals and certain category of self-employed persons for the calendar year 2022.

Due to the interruption of the computerized systems, the Tax Department extended the submission of the following returns:

A. VAT return for the period ended on 31 August, 2023

The extension for the submission of any payable amount in relation to said VAT return is given until 16/10/23. Submission of the said VAT return after 16/10/23 will be subject to a €100 fine, an additional 10% charge on the amount due and interest until full payment of the due amount is made.

B. INTRASTAT return for the month of September 2023

The submission of the INTRASTAT statement for the month of September is extended until 16/10/23. Any submission after 16/10/23 will be subject to a penalty charge of fifteen euros (€15)

C. Submission of income tax return and associated payment of tax by a physical person other than self-employed

On 27 September, 2023, the Council of Ministers, based on the powers granted to it by Articles 5(1) and 13(1) of the Tax Certification and Collection Laws of 1978 to (No. 5) of 2022, issued a decree based on which:

(a) The deadline for submitting the tax return as well as the payment of any tax arising for the tax year 2022 by a physical person, other than self-employed, is extended until 31 October, 2023 at 23:59.

(b) The deadline for submitting the tax return as well as the payment of any tax arising for the 2022 tax year by a self-employed person who is not required to prepare audited accounts, is extended until 32 October, 2023 at 23:59.

It is reminded that the income tax return in relation to (a) and (b) above, is submitted electronically through TAXISNET.


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