Update in relation to an announcement by the Department of Taxation (TD) in relation to the imposition of an application for the granting of a certificate of a reduced rate of 5% for the purchase or construction of a permanent residence.

The Tax Office informs that from 27 May, 2024, the submission of the Official Declaration (OD)
required in Paragraph 3 of Table C of Schedule Five of the VAT Legislation for granting the reduced rate of 5% on the purchase/construction of a main residence will be submitted ONLY through TFA portal from where the applicant will also receive the relevant Reduced Rate certificate, once the examination of his request has been completed.

How to apply through TFA

First of all, in order to submit the OD, an account must first be created on the TFA Portal:

(a) If the application is submitted by a new taxpayer: A request for registration in the Tax Registry must be submitted through the TFA portal.
(b) If the application is submitted by an existing taxpayer: You must link your TFA Portal Account with your Tax ID Account.


Official declarations in paper form can be submitted to the relevant District Offices ONLY until 5/17/2024, so that the TD can transfer the data to the TFA portal until 5/27/2024.

After 17/05/2024, OD will ONLY be submitted via TFA and no hard copy applications will be accepted.

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