Who needs a yellow slip in Cyprus?

Are you an EU or EEA resident seeking to work and live in Cyprus? if yes you will need to apply for the yellow slip. Commonly referred to as the Cyprus Residence Permit or Yellow Slip, this document enables migration to Cyprus, offering opportunities to live, work, and move freely within the country.

Timing of requesting a work permit:

EU Nationals (includes Nationals of EEA countries and Switzerland) are obliged to proceed with their registration at the Civil Registry and Migration Department within 4 months from their arrival.

EU Nationals (including EEA and Switzerland) who will be locally employed, should submit the relevant registration application immediately after their arrival, if possible, regardless of the duration of their employment. This will facilitate their timely registration with the Social Insurance Department and GESY.

Application form MEU1

MEU1 Registration certificate can be issued for the following EU Nationals:

  • Locally Employed
  • Self-employed
  • Not employed, but with proven financial means
  • Assignees under Posted Workers Directive
  • Direct family members of registered EU Nationals

The issued Registration Certificate has no expiration date.

Application form MEU2

Residence Permit under MEU2 can be issued to the following Non-EU Nationals:

  • Spouse or partner of an EU National
  • Direct descendants of either EU National or the non-EU National who are under the age of 21
  • Direct relatives in the ascending line, of either of the spouse/ partner, as defined by the relevant law.

Maximum permit duration is 5 years, renewable.

Application form MEU2

MEU3 is the Permanent Residence Certificate issued to EU Nationals and their family members who can prove that they resided legally and uninterrupted in the Republic for 5 years.

Permanent Residence Certificate MEU3, has no expiration date.

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